Sunday, February 25, 2007


It was a great afternoon at Cameron Indoor Stadium as the Duke women beat UNC by five points.

There is nothing like a victory over Carolina…nothing!

In addition, the Duke crowd has special venom for Ivory Latta after her classless behavior after UNC won last season at Cameron---as she hip-hopped around the stadium and popped her jersey at the Duke faithful.

There is not enough Grey Poupon in the free world to cover that hot dog. She has to be drama major, as do a couple other UNC girls.

The atmosphere seemed a tad more electric last season against Tennessee, but today was the loudest I have ever heard it at Cameron---at times, insanely so.

There were many heroes on the Duke side.

The two seniors, Alison Bales and Lindsey Harding, were magnificent. It was the most vocal I seen Ali, and she played smart ball all 40 minutes.

Lindsey Harding was on a mission and led the charge---and had zero turnovers! Pretty amazing.

Abby Waner had six steals and 13 points---and played tough defense.

Freshman Joy Cheek came off the bench and had 14 rebounds (eight offensive) and eight points in 24 minutes.

Duke shot 45.5% from the foul line, missing 18 shots…pathetic.

However, Duke had 14 steals (+7) and out rebounded UNC by six.

The Duke team was exhausted in the latter stages of the second half…lotsa grabbing their shorts on the foul shots.

Neither team left anything on the court…it was a war.

29-0 in the regular season.

I only hope there are three more wins in the ACC Tournament and six in the NCAA Tournament.

The initial two NCAA games are in Raleigh…I’ll be there.

Go Duke!

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