Saturday, January 06, 2007

If you cannot beat Virginia Tech (a team that lost to a 3-8 Marshall last week) in your ACC home opener, than the ACC is truly UNC and all the rest.
I think this game vindicated all the basketball pundits who said Duke was not a Top 5 team.
No more arguments from me...that was a weak effort to my eye.
Gets no easier on Wednesday in Atlanta against Georgia Tech...then another road game on Sunday the 14th at Miami.
When was the last time any team got 14 steals against a Coach K team?
64% on foul shots...missing 10 of 28 was just as damaging as the 22 turnovers...VT had only 7 TOs.
Paulus had zero points and 6 TOs. He is consistently outclassed by fast guards. UNC and UVA will eat him up.
I thought we were better than this, but I guess those basketball writers are correct.
It does not appear the offense is going to turn around. I thought the time off with lots of practice and healing time would make a difference.
As I look at the rest of the Duke ACC schedule I am not encouraged.
At home, I think we ought to beat Wake. Maybe Georgia Tech, Clemson, BC, Fla. St. Lose to UNC, Maryland.
On the road I see a victory at Miami, NC State...and losses at UNC, Clemson, BC, Maryland, Georgia Tech and UVA.
VT showed the rest of the ACC that there is no need to be awed by Duke.
Four guys scored in double figures. That should be enough to win most games. But, when the rest of the players get only 7, it is impossible.
McClure or Thomas have to step up and make up for Paulus. Paulus is still not 100% (not an excuse he or K would give)...but it is a demanding game if you are less than 100%.
I still have a ton of faith in McClure, but we need a point guard who can dominate.

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