Sunday, October 22, 2006

"The Wrong Man" by John Katzenbach

It is difficult to imagine a creepier or more venal villain than the lurid Michael O’Connell in John Katzenbach’s hypnotic tale, “The Wrong Man.”
It is a terrifyingly gripping story of an ultimate stalker’s proactive journey to possess Ashley Freeman, a grad student with whom he had a one-night stand.
O’Connell is a petty criminal who has made himself a computer mastermind---he is a relentless psychopath.
Ashley’s father is college professor---her mother a real estate lawyer, divorced and living with her female partner (a soccer coach at a private school.) These four intelligent people appear no match for the obsessions of O’Connell.
Reasoning, bribery, the force of an ethically compromised PI, and an attempt to secrete Ashley fail to halt the fanatical efforts of O’Connell. He seems unstoppable.
Leaving no trace, O’Connell has the professor accused of plagiarism, the lawyer charged with commingling of funds, the soccer coach thought to have made advances on a student and Ashley fired for E*Mails she never sent…their lives in turmoil.
O’Connell proves to them that he is in control.
Mr. Katzenbach paints a terrifying doom-laden atmosphere, and you just know that someone other than the stalker is going to die.
A plan to turn the strengths of O’Connell against him is the last gasp of Ashley’s extended family. It is an elaborate scheme that relies on precise timing…designed to provide iron clad alibis for all four.
“The Wrong Man” is a very scary narrative that keeps your anxiety level pegging the needle.

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