Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Modern Times by Bob Dylan

I have no idea where Bob Dylan will rank in the Top Ten list of pop culture icons of the past fifty years…but I am confident he will make the short list. Singer, songwriter, poet, rebel (remember the 1965 Newport Folk Festival), innovator are just a few of the descriptions one could ascribe to Mr. Dylan.

It seems like the old days (only better) with the release of “Modern Times”---a Dylan release again is an event. Once more, no matter how many times you play it---ODing on it is not an option.

What I do not comprehend is how an album by a music icon that debuts at Number One (currently atop the Amazon.com as well) has only one format taking ownership.

According to my friend Mike Lyons, the erudite editor of the well researched and thoughtful column “The Forest” at triplearadio.com there are only two terrestrial stations airing the record in the Sunshine State.

Nationwide, only the TripleA format is claiming this incredible album as their own.

Good for the TripleA format!

In our current youth obsessed culture, when an album by a 65-year-old white guy begins its life cycle at the top of the pops, it is not merely members of the AARP voting with their wallets in the ballot box of the marketplace.

“Because something is happening hereBut you don't know what it isDo you, Mister Jones?”

Were I a radio programmer in any format other than oldies, big band, jazz or classical, I would do my damnest to find at least one track to sublet from the TripleA format.

As usual, his lyrics have meaning…the musicianship is top notch…and there is a wide choice of tempo available.

In addition, how many listeners out there have not heard of Bob Dylan? Those that may have missed the memo due to extreme youth have the Apple iPod TV spot and XM Satellite to bring them up to date.

Admittedly, I have always believed that shorter records make longer play lists…but, never can I remember hearing so many five-plus-minute songs that “feel” like they clock in at a tidy 2:39.

If I had to find a negative….it would be the lack of lyrics included.

“You don't need a weather manTo know which way the wind blows”

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