Saturday, July 08, 2006

"No Good Deeds" by Laura Lippman

Laura Lippman’s ninth Tess Monaghan novel, “No Good Deeds”, is an assured polished work.

It is finely crafted suspense populated with realistic characters that are worth caring about.

PI Tess Monaghan lands a consulting job with her former employer, Baltimore’s Beacon Light.

The murder of a Federal prosecutor grabs Tess’s attention. It starts out as an abstract example for journalistic investigation…but grows into much more.

Chance steps in when Tess’s boy friend brings a scam artist/street kid home…the initial good deed. It turns out the kid (Lloyd Jupiter) is a link in the murder chain.

Wise enough to know he needs to remain invisible, Lloyd disappears.

During Tess’s odyssey of discovery, much seems amiss with the official investigation.

Protecting her source (Lloyd), Tess gives the paper as much as she knows…another good deed. This places Tess, her boy friend and Lloyd in jeopardy.

In peril from who is the question.

Tess’s life is turned upside down by rogue agents from the FBI and DEA abetted by an ambitious Assistant US Attorney…revealing a wholly amoral world.

The tension builds steadily as the plot strands start to entwine in this notable and provocative novel.

“No Good Deeds” is entertaining and disturbing. Laura Lippman captures the allure of Baltimore in convincing fashion.

It starts strong and holds your attention.

Laura Lippman is the real deal…she writes with poise and flair…must reading!!!

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