Friday, May 12, 2006

"Killer Instinct" by Joseph Finder

Joseph Finder is at the top of his game with his new business thriller, “Killer Instinct.”

Entronics salesman Jason Steadman is busy multitasking on his commute home when he drives into a ditch.

Jason assists the tow-truck driver, Kurt Semko (an ex-Special Forces soldier), in getting a security job at Entronics.

Then the rollercoaster ride begins…proving once again, that no good deed goes unpunished.

Kurt uses his Special Forces Operations skills to perform various acts of skullduggery that advance Jason’s career.

Strange things happen to those (both inside and outside of the company) who appear to be hindering Jason’s sales goals.

Jason learns that business is war when people turn up dead.

And, he wants out…but there is no escape from his fiendish benefactor. Jason is ensnared in the life Kurt has set up for him.

Jason must figure a way to outmaneuver his malicious patron.

Jason employs double-crosses, duplicity, corporate politics, deceptions and corruption as he attempts to take his life back.

Joseph Finder is a wonderful storyteller. “Killer Instinct” keeps you glued to the page. It is a remarkable tale of how an ordinary individual manages to extricate himself from a dilemma of substantial proportions after he is pushed to extremes.

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