Thursday, October 20, 2005

"School Days" by Robert B. Parker

"I'm learning more and more about less and less. Pretty soon, I'll know everything about nothing." So says Spenser about midway through “School Days” by Roberts B. Parker.

This is a thoroughly enjoyable entry in the prolific Mr. Parker’s long running series featuring the wisecracking, sardonic and resourceful Boston PI.

The tedious, whiney, monotonous Susan is away at a shrink confab at Duke, so we are spared her overbearing, insufferable scenes.
Hawk is also missing, so Spenser is flying solo when he is hired by the wealthy grandmother of one of two accused private school student shooters.

The crime left seven dead and others wounded.

Spenser feels something is amiss when it seems everyone from the boy’s parents, the local cops, the school officials to the kid’s lawyer all want to rubber stamp the allegations and see the boy (Jared Clark) behind bars. It appears someone wants something hidden.

The more they stonewall him the more he snoops around.

He upsets a myriad of people as he endeavors to learn how two seventeen year kids could acquire four new semiautomatic pistols and learn to shoot so efficiently.

The journey to find the cause and those responsible for igniting the teens to such violence is imaginative and always interesting.

Spenser’s laconic banter is always dry and filled with irony…and the New England atmosphere comes electrically to life.

This one is lotsa fun.

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