Sunday, July 03, 2005

"To the Power of Three" by Laura Lippman Review

One does not simply read Laura Lippman’s “To the Power of Three”…one becomes immersed in it.

Told from multiple points of view, it is in fact a character driven novel. The secondary characters are just as vivid and infused with distinct personalities and back stories as those in the lead roles.

Three suburban high school seniors (inseparable since third grade) are involved in a shooting in a locked girl’s restroom…one dead, one in a coma and one shot in the foot.

What precisely did go down in the restroom? Who in fact pulled the trigger?

Homicide Sergeant Harold Lendardt and partner Kevin Infante come across inconsistencies between the crime scene and account given by the coherent survivor.

The setting in the upscale development of Glendale is illusory, but the way the “event” affects the entire community is all too authentic.

Everyone is so fully realized, it is effortless to picture the novel as nonfiction. They all resonate with authenticity.

And, the plot is crisp, suspenseful, taut and moves along in a calculated rhythm. The reader is enticed to learn more about all the players…and care about them.

“To the Power of Three” hooks you from start to finish.

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