Sunday, May 01, 2005

"A Killing Night" by Jonathon King

Jonathon King is a seductive writer…he lures the reader into every scene and rewards the reader with a deeply satisfying pleasurable novel.

No one is better at setting a Florida scene…he is a pithy James Lee Burke in that respect.

He utilizes an economical cast of players, develops characters and balances the main plot and subplot without unnecessary complexity. He is a most efficient writer.

His fourth Max Freeman crime novel, “A Killing Night” continues Mr. King’s ability to get better with each installment.

Max is an ex Philly cop, now doing PI work in South Florida for lawyer (and mentor) Billy Manchester.

In a story that resonates with authenticity and emotion, Max is contacted by former girl friend and Broward County Detective Sherry Richards. She is investigating the disappearance of several young female bartenders, thinks the cases are related and has a suspect---another ex-Philly cop (Colin O’Shea)…one who saved Max’s life on the job.

Is Colin an innocent man caught in the grinding wheels of crime and justice? Or is he a sick, nasty criminal?

Max travels back to Philly in an attempt to unravel the mysteries of O’Shea’s departure from the Philly PD.

Nothing is as simple as it appears on paper and the info he gathers seems to say that everyone is wrong about everything.

Told in Max’s first person and a third person narrative (the killer’s) that permits the reader to ride along.

Mr. King builds the suspense and maintains the tension until the final twist that is uncommonly sensitive…a conclusion that you will not see coming.

Jonathon King and Max Freeman will be around for a long time.

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