Wednesday, May 11, 2005

"The Forgotten Man" by Robert Crais

In “The Forgotten Man”, Robert Crais weaves an exceptionally intricate plot and unravels it in a most satisfying and logical manner.

The police procedural aspect is realistic and intriguing.

We also learn a bit more of the back story on lead character, Elvis Cole (“world’s greatest detective”).

A murder victim’s dying words are that he the father Elvis never knew.

This revelation starts Elvis tracing the man’s history in a quest to learn the truth. He and the LAPD investigators cooperate and share information…a rare show of collaboration.

Crimes from the past show up as one generation casts a shadow over the next.

The twists and turns are genuinely well crafted…I was taken in often as the case evolved. Magnificent plotting!

Los Angeles is a major character and Mr. Crais is a master at getting the city’s culture, lifestyle and state of mind to seep into the reader’s consciousness without drenching the reader and overdoing it.

This is an outstanding addition to the Elvis Cole anthology. Not to be missed.

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