Wednesday, May 25, 2005

"The Closers" by Michael Connelly

Harry Bosch has become one of crime fiction’s most fleshed-out characters…and he keeps improving with each novel Michael Connelly writes. Mr. Connelly is a modern master.

Harry has returned to the LAPD, repartnered with Kiz Rider in the recently created Open Unsolved Unit. He remains a relentless, smart, hard working, compassionate, fundamentally decent detective. He is a complicated character---still seeking justice.

Harry and Kiz draw a case from 1988…the murder of an eighteen year biracial girl. DNA is available from the murder weapon…and they get an immediate match.
They both feel there are enough inconsistencies in match’s history to question whether he is the perp.

As they work the case they uncover the crime’s heartbreaking effects for the victim’s family. These unsolved mysteries can haunt a department…often defining the police force that cannot resolve them.

Even with the tools unavailable in 1988, it still takes dogged legwork, cop’s instinct and long grinding hours to decipher the case. This is where Michael Connelly excels…the calculated progress of Police Procedure 101.

The suspense is constant; surprises appear at every turn, the entire cast vibrant in this taut crime thriller. “The Closers” is well executed and well envisioned.

The plot builds in a deceptive manner…accelerating geometrically as the novel progresses. It ignites in a hushed manner…propelling you to the resolution.

Mr. Connelly is most adept at setting the hook in a most subtle manner…he hides the clues in plain sight as well as any writer. He makes discovering the solution completely satisfying.

It is easy to immerse oneself in “The Closers.”

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