Friday, April 15, 2005

Review of Joseph Finder's "Company Man"

Joseph Finder’s new thriller, “Company Man” is an elegantly engineered novel of corporate suspense.
From the start the reader knows whodunit…but no idea where it will go or how it will get there.
Stratton Corporation is a huge company that has supported its small Michigan town home base for generations. After being bought by a Boston holding company, the local hero/CEO (Nick Conover) is assigned the distasteful task of eliminating half the workforce.
Immediately his status as the favorite son dissolves and he becomes the least popular man in town…it appears everyone has a grudge against him.
Repeated home break-ins and graffitied messages escalate to the killing of the family dog.
Nick fears for his children’s lives…but who to trust? The police have no sympathy for the man who slashed all the jobs…and within the company; it looks as if everyone is out to betray him.
Then, one act by Nick sets in motion the chain of unintended consequences. Events rapidly spiral utterly out of control.
“Company Man” is not the run of the mill, in your face thriller. It evolves as the adroit plot escalates and the characters develop. You get to know the individual players, but are fooled more than a few times by the illusive nature of much of the supporting cast.
The Machiavellian conniving of so many keep you guessing and provide many “ah ha” moments.
It is a wonderfully deceptive novel. It hooks you early and keeps you there.
It is the prospect of disaster that creates the enormous apprehension, anxiety and tension in “Company Man.”It is effortless reading.

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