Saturday, March 19, 2005


After twenty games my picks stand at a 17-3, good enough to rank at #11,613 on the CBS Sportsline Bracket Challenge. An amazing number have perfect scores in that contest.

I should have my head examined for picking any SEC teams after Kentucky and Florida. After Kentucky, the SEC is not much better than the Big Ten. Big credit to a faster, more determined UAB and Wisconsin-Milwaukee showed no fear.

I wish I had picked Pacific to beat Washington on Saturday. Pacific is big and strong, and will give Washington a lot of problems. And, it is fun trying to pronounce their names.

My UCLA hunch was a washout…and I think Bobby Knight will bust another bracket for me by defeating Gonzaga on Saturday.

North Carolina State's Princeton style offense sure works better when they have a lead. They do not run it prettily, but it was effective today.

Kentucky let Eastern Kentucky stay around too long. Kentucky has done that a bunch this season...and one of these times it will turn into an L.

Nevada may give Illinois a few headaches tomorrow…they believe in themselves.

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