Saturday, March 19, 2005


Who besides Tony Benken knew Vermont would emerge victorious over Syracuse? Not too many. Certainly not I.
On the CBS Sportsline 2005 Bracket Challenge only two at 31 correct. So they either got Bucknell or Vermont correct.
At 25-7, I rank # 41,835---certainly not in the 75th percentile...sort of a C+ at best. Last year I was 31-1 at this point, and then really fell apart.
The Bucknell victory eliminates the CBS dream matchup of Roy's Boys Vs the Boys Roy Recruited.
Only two real blowouts by UNC. They are well rested with 29 minutes being the most anyone played. Reserve Terry is a very impressive freshman. Watch him when he gets in against Iowa State. UNC easily the most talented team in the remaining 32.
NCSU may not run a pretty Princeton offense, but they certainly ran it well enough to get by Charlotte. NCSU (7-9 in the ACC Season) topped the Conference USA co-champion, as the ACC went 5-0 in the first round.
I still think the ACC is superior to any other conference.
I cannot help but notice that the "committee" studiously avoided placing any ACC teams in the Chicago 16. Perhaps with a thought to protect the TV desire to have the Illini make it to the Final Four. An ACC team would have been a major impediment.
Still think Oklahoma State will handle Illinois. Has Illinois played a team as physical as Eddie Sutton's Cowboys? I will say that no one passes early, often and as well as Illinois.
Duke played with great intensity and showed their defensive skills for twelve minutes and mailed in the remaining twenty-eight minutes.
Could not understand why Shelden Williams, ACC defensive player of the year and best shot-blocker in the free world was defending in an area between the top of the key and midcourt.
ODU gave Michigan State all they could handle...wish they could have pulled it off. Central Florida had the same type of game with U-Conn.
Looking forward to seeing Pacific/Washington, Cinci/Kentucky and Wake Vs West Virginia later today.
UAB will be interesting g to watch against Arizona.
As I feared Bobby Knight busted my first bracket of the day.

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