Thursday, March 31, 2005

Curmudgeon in the Wry 288

Thursday, March 31, 2005—541 Words---Average reading time: 1-minute, 48 seconds
Rave: J.J. Redick
Rant: So now we're calling illegals Mexican nationals?

Truism: Forget Red states and Blue states. The real difference between people in America is whether they hang stuff from their rearview mirrors or not.
Rave: Listening to Artie Shaw make you ecstatic the clarinet was invented.

Save for next winter: If, after a snowstorm, you go to all the effort to dig out a parking space in front of your house on a public street, is it OK to "reserve" that space by putting an old kitchen chair there? And what if someone tosses your chair aside and parks in your space while you are at work? Drag out a garden hoses and encase the offending car in a block of ice. It was wet and cold work, but it is worth it to see the expression on the dweeb's face when he got back to his car.
Rave: Roger Maris looks even better in light of steroid’s use.
Rant: I'm glad Michael Jackson has recovered from the flu. I thought he was looking a little pale.
On ice: Pity the NHL. During the lockout, ESPN filled in with programming — more poker, for example — that swamped hockey’s ratings.
Olympic moment: Did you realize that the famous Miracle on Ice, which recently celebrated its 25th anniversary, was originally broadcast by ABC on tape delay?
TV timeout: What percentage of the audience for college basketball games are baby boomers? I only ask because, recently, it seems as if every other ad during games is for “Cialis.” Gee, you’d think that this time of year, Billy Packer could provide all the stimulation true hoops fans need.
Rant: Can't Michael Jackson afford a simple dark suit? He looks like half of a Russian ice dancing team.
Hmmmm: When Michael Jackson goes to prison, who is going to hold up his umbrella for him?
Just asking: Why do they even let Iraqis drive cars?
The Stilt: March 2nd marked the 43rd anniversary of Wilt Chamberlain’s 100-point game against the Knicks. Wilt was so fatigued from the effort that two nights later, the Knicks held him to 58.
Factoid: With March Madness brackets broken, the U.S. Bureau of Census reports that Americans gamble more money each year legally than they spend on groceries, cars, clothes and movies combined. Who says our country doesn’t have its priorities in order?
Rant: The thought of Adam Sandler remaking The Longest Yard makes me ill.
Rant: Say what you want, but the French are always there when they need us
Rant: The congressional committee hearing with major league baseball players exposed another possible side effect of steroid use — the inability to provide a straight answer.
Hmmm: Why does this Eddie Bauer guy own so many SUVs?
Confession time: When I was young I always thought Meathead was right and Archie was wrong. Now, I am Archie.
Another truism: You can tell an awful lot about a person's character by where they leave their shopping cart in the grocery parking lot.
That is all.
As you were.

Friday, March 25, 2005

And then there were twelve.

With Oklahoma State eliminated the left side of my bracket is 100% wiped out.
Losing in the last few seconds makes it impossible for me to be depressed about my pick. It was a truly exciting ending.
Give Arizona credit...the stepped up and took it. We all know Lute Olsen is a great coach and that Salim Stoudemire is a star...but Channing Frye is no Forest Gump.
The matchup with Illinois should be interesting, but I still think Oklahoma State was the team that could handle Illinois. Arizona will have their hands full. Never have I seen a team pass as well and as often as Illinois.
Louisville appears to be on a mission. I thought Washington would be the first number one seed to fall...I just thought that Georgia Tech would be the team giving Illinois its second L of the season.
It will be entertaining Saturday to see if the Cinderella West Virginia team can keep up the magic Vs Pitino and company.
West Virginia certainly acquitted themselves well against Texas Tech in a real battle.
Tonite will be a real treat here in Durham area with Duke, UNC and NCSU all playing...and all games on the tube.
CBS is allowing the local Fox affiliate to carry Duke while the CBS station airs the NCSU game.
And, when you are the market of a participant you get the entire game cutaways...great stuff.
And, you get the radio play by play. The radio audio runs about seven seconds ahead of the action on the tube. It is neat when you know who to focus on moving without the ball as you get ready for the predetermined outcome. Tonite, I just hope I get to watch of J.J. Redick making many a three.
Go Duke!

Saturday, March 19, 2005


Who besides Tony Benken knew Vermont would emerge victorious over Syracuse? Not too many. Certainly not I.
On the CBS Sportsline 2005 Bracket Challenge only two at 31 correct. So they either got Bucknell or Vermont correct.
At 25-7, I rank # 41,835---certainly not in the 75th percentile...sort of a C+ at best. Last year I was 31-1 at this point, and then really fell apart.
The Bucknell victory eliminates the CBS dream matchup of Roy's Boys Vs the Boys Roy Recruited.
Only two real blowouts by UNC. They are well rested with 29 minutes being the most anyone played. Reserve Terry is a very impressive freshman. Watch him when he gets in against Iowa State. UNC easily the most talented team in the remaining 32.
NCSU may not run a pretty Princeton offense, but they certainly ran it well enough to get by Charlotte. NCSU (7-9 in the ACC Season) topped the Conference USA co-champion, as the ACC went 5-0 in the first round.
I still think the ACC is superior to any other conference.
I cannot help but notice that the "committee" studiously avoided placing any ACC teams in the Chicago 16. Perhaps with a thought to protect the TV desire to have the Illini make it to the Final Four. An ACC team would have been a major impediment.
Still think Oklahoma State will handle Illinois. Has Illinois played a team as physical as Eddie Sutton's Cowboys? I will say that no one passes early, often and as well as Illinois.
Duke played with great intensity and showed their defensive skills for twelve minutes and mailed in the remaining twenty-eight minutes.
Could not understand why Shelden Williams, ACC defensive player of the year and best shot-blocker in the free world was defending in an area between the top of the key and midcourt.
ODU gave Michigan State all they could handle...wish they could have pulled it off. Central Florida had the same type of game with U-Conn.
Looking forward to seeing Pacific/Washington, Cinci/Kentucky and Wake Vs West Virginia later today.
UAB will be interesting g to watch against Arizona.
As I feared Bobby Knight busted my first bracket of the day.


After twenty games my picks stand at a 17-3, good enough to rank at #11,613 on the CBS Sportsline Bracket Challenge. An amazing number have perfect scores in that contest.

I should have my head examined for picking any SEC teams after Kentucky and Florida. After Kentucky, the SEC is not much better than the Big Ten. Big credit to a faster, more determined UAB and Wisconsin-Milwaukee showed no fear.

I wish I had picked Pacific to beat Washington on Saturday. Pacific is big and strong, and will give Washington a lot of problems. And, it is fun trying to pronounce their names.

My UCLA hunch was a washout…and I think Bobby Knight will bust another bracket for me by defeating Gonzaga on Saturday.

North Carolina State's Princeton style offense sure works better when they have a lead. They do not run it prettily, but it was effective today.

Kentucky let Eastern Kentucky stay around too long. Kentucky has done that a bunch this season...and one of these times it will turn into an L.

Nevada may give Illinois a few headaches tomorrow…they believe in themselves.